Radio and Phone

Radio Security Code

In the UK and Europe the radio is protected by a security code, If the battery voltage is interrupted or drops below 5V. After this the Radio will display 'CODE' and will not operate.

You should have a card supplied with the car that has the security unlock code on it, failing this you will need to contact you dealership for the information. If you car was not purchased directly from a Jaguar Dealership they will need to obtain the number from the factory, using the VIN, there is normally a small charge for this.

The security number should be entered using the numeric digits 1-9 on the preset program keypad. the radio will beep after the correct code is entered. after 3 failed attempts you will need to leave the radio on for at least 30 minutes before you can try again.

Activating Mobile Phone

If your car has the Bluetooth phone option fitted (most models with the touch screen 2006 onwards do) You may get the message SIG instead of Phone connected. If this is the case you need to enter the code ##3#*#, the display should then say 'waiting' and 'finally SIG ******' meaning it is now ready to pair your phone, goto bluetooth option and pair device, wait until the Jaguar is found. When prompted on your phone for the access code enter 1313

Many earlier cars will have the pre-wiring installed but not the phone option. The easiest way to check is to contact the dealership give them your VIN number and they will tell you. If you have Bluetooth installed. Hold the radio button marked with a phone for about a second, the display will change to indicate xxxxx or 'No Phone'. If the latter is the case then it is most likely that you do not have the option installed

You may be able to buy the bluetooth module from the dealer if your VIN number is D31148 onward, with the exception of VIN E373149-E46479 which are not pre-wired. The Jaguar part number is C2N 3689, but please check with your dealer to confirm that it is possible.

Display shows LOCKED 10

You will need your Unlock code for the radio (see above)
With radio off press key 6 and hold while turning radio power on, continue to hold key 6.
After 15 - 20 seconds the screen will say CODE
Release key 6 then enter your unlock code

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